Do you know about that pics?

What era of pictures?
You can tell me some? 

Vintage pinup Boughed Beauty - Al Leslie 40's

50's Pin-up girls , Right?
They are so attractive that make me love 'em.

50s Pinup Bikini Doll 1

Yellow Vintage Pinup Girl 1


40's or 1940 style 
It looks old but pretty girl and glamorous for women that time.
I want everybody to realize how important they are.

 Actress of 1940

Ava Gardner

Veronica Lake

Ann Savage, pictured in this 1940 promotional photo, earned a cult following as a femme fatale in such 1940's pulp-fiction movies as Detour.
Ann Savage

Lina Romay

Kitty Foyle

Paramore ; Awesome band+

โอ้!!สุดยอดเลย Hayley ของช้าน

|Hayley| - brand-new-eyes photo

ไมค์คู่ใจของเธอ สีแนวดี

ผมสีบอร์น ๆ

Brand New Eyes - brand-new-eyes photo

Paramore - brand-new-eyes photo

นอนเรียงๆๆ แนวๆๆ

BNE ♥ - brand-new-eyes photo

ฮาได้อีก !!

brand new eyes!


New Brand New Eyes Promo - brand-new-eyes photo


BNE ♥ - brand-new-eyes photo

02 (1)

มือเบสหล่อขึ้นๆ55+ ทรงใหม่ช่วยได้

Ignorance Video Shoot 1 (Paramore) - brand-new-eyes photo


BNE ♥ - brand-new-eyes photo

BNE ♥ - brand-new-eyes photo

That is Paramore.