Delicious Ice creams!

Today I will suggest about the delicious ice creams and It's not too expensive, so I always go to eat them. let's get delicious!

Okey, the First is Cone deep ice cream from KFC with a sweet taste and a crispy chocolate outside. Buy it when you wanna walk and eat it.

Next, This's "I LIKE ICE SCREAM". There're 3 scoope in the pics. That day I ate 3 taste such as Honey, Cookie 'n Cream and  Nut blah blah (I can't remember.) with waffle. Or you can buy it like a Set of ice cream. And this is also the one of my favorite.

Finally, This is Ete ice cream. It's the first time to visit there and I ever said in the last time that I went to there because my birthday. And I think this place very nice and a kind of Luxurious, but don't worry. It's worth to buy them,So I was very full in that day.

I really like ice creams and It attracts me in everywhere I want! I gonna test every ice creams woo!