How to make DIY Galaxy shoes!

Prepare the following equipment:

1.  An old pair of shoes, white shoes, or any other pair that you want to use.
(The original color of my shoes was olive green.)
 2. Acrylic paint with the colors you want for your galaxy.
3.Sponges (A regular cleaning sponge will work fine.)
4.A paint brush or tooth brush.
 5.Masking tape
6.Newspaper (3 sheets)

First, stuff the inside of the shoe with newspaper. This will make the painting easier! Cover the rubber part at the bottom of the shoe with masking tape, and any other places that you don't want to paint. Make sure you have enough workspace and some sheets of newspaper underneath the shoes.

Next, paint both shoes black using your sponge. After you finish painting them black, imagine your galaxy or search for an image of a galaxy on Google.

Then, put some paint (the color of your choice) on your sponge, and start dabbing it onto the shoes. It doesn’t matter what color you start with. (I used blue and purple.) You can also mix some of your colors together to make different shades. Don't be too precise.
After that, when you finish coloring the shoes, let them dry for about 30 minutes. Be sure to do this with both shoes.

Finally, when the paint has dried, it’s time to place some stars. Put some white paint on your regular paintbrush or tooth brush, and flick some white paint on all parts of the shoe to create little stars.

At the very end, don’t forget to peel the tape off from the bottom of the shoe. That’s it!

It looks like this.